Privacy policy

If you use this website or purchase a product, you need to read the "Customer Information Relations (Privacy Policy)" below and agree to the content. If you do not agree, you will not be able to purchase the product.
1. About customer information
Customer information is information about surviving individuals, which can identify specific individuals by name, date of birth, address, phone number, and other descriptions included in the information. This includes something that can be composed with other information, which can identify certain individuals.
2. About the purpose of use of customer information
(1) In order to fulfill our debt in trading transactions, (2) to provide (2) to provide (3) to provide special services and new products, etc. to provide after -sales services in trading transactions. (4) We will use customer information for the purpose of sending notifications such as e -mail magazines. Other than these purposes, we will not use it unless described in 3 below or when you have consent in advance.
3. About the commission of customer information to third parties
We may outsource all or part of the customer information within the range necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
4. About provision of customer information to third parties
We do not provide customer information to third parties in advance without the consent of the customer.
5. Regular use of customer information
We will share the customer's information with the company described below.
Customer information items used in joint use Customer name, address, phone number, email address, purchased product information, etc.
The scope of the person who uses jointly Shopify Japan Co., Ltd.
Purpose of use of users To conduct the business outsourced by us, such as delivery of products, such as delivery of products between us.
To guide customers with special services and new products
To provide after -sales service for customers
To send notifications such as e -mail magazines
For other Shopify operation
Those who are responsible for managing customer information Store owner
6. About the use of cookies
This service may send a text file called "cookie" to your computer's storage device and save and use it. Specifically, using "cookies" has the advantage that, for example, you can display content in fields that you are interested in. Customers can refuse to receive "cookies" at your discretion by setting the browser warning before receiving "cookies", but this service may not be used. I have.
7. About customer information inquiries
Please contact the "Business Name and Contact Information" in the specific commercial trading law on this website. Alternatively, we will provide contact information, etc. by e -mail without delay by claiming [Inquiry Form] in the store page.