Terms of service

Chapter 1 General rules

Article 1 【Definitionã€

  1. Main subject
    Store Terms of Use
  2. our side
    Online store operator opened using this service
  3. This service
    Municipal sales service provided by the Internet
  4. buyer
    In accordance with the procedure set forth by our part, all the contents of this Terms and Privacy Policy are underlined and approved, and the product is appointed
  5. user
    While all overall and approve the contents of this Terms and Privacy Policies, we will search for images, text, design, logo, video, program, ideas, information, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "content") Or a generic term for those used

Article 2 【Application of this termã€

We will define the terms and conditions when the user uses this service that uses the Internet through the Internet. Users are considered to accept the contents of this term at the time of starting the use of this service.

Article 3 【Change of this termã€

We can change all or part of the Terms or some without prior notification to the user or buyer, and it is possible to newly define the terms and conditions that replenish the Terms. Changes and additions of the Terms and Conditions are effective from the time they are published on the site that provide this service, and this service provided after the effect is due to changes and additions after change.

We do not have any responsibility for any damage or indirect damage or not for any damage caused by the user or the buyer due to the change and addition of the Terms and Buyers .


Chapter 2 Purchasing Products, etc.

Article 4 [Purchase of product]

  • Users can purchase products from our service using this service.
  • If the user wishes to purchase the product, we will apply for the purchase of the product according to the procedure separately established.
  • With the application, the user clicks the button to order and order the delivery destination, order content, etc. where the user is input and registered, and then an email to confirm the order content from that user will reach the user At the time of, it shall establish a sales contract for the product between the user and our company.
  • Regardless of the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if there is a fraud or inappropriate act on the use of this service, we will cancel and cancel other appropriate measures for the sales contract.
  • Underage users can not purchase products using this service unless you have the prior consent of a qualified legal representative.

Article 5 【Change of registration informationã€

The buyer shall immediately contact us if there is a change in all or part of the name you entered at the time of purchase. We do not take any responsibility for damage caused by the fact that change registration was not done. Also, even if a change is registered, the transaction that has already been processed before change registration shall be performed based on the information before change registration.

Article 6 [Payment Method]

  • The payment amount of the product is the total sales price of the product displayed on the site, the consumption tax, shipping fee, and the fee.
  • For the payment of the product purchased by this service, it is limited to payment by the purchaser's credit card payment, bank transfer or cash on delivery.
  • If you are paid by a credit card, the buyer shall comply with the conditions for contracting separately between the credit card company. In connection with the use of credit cards, if some dispute occurs between the buyer and the credit card company, it shall be solved with the buyer and the credit card company.
  • If the settlement means designated for this service and a separate contract (including the consent to the terms of the settlement means, but not only this) between the purchaser and the settlement company having the settlement means. The buyer shall comply with the conditions for contracting separately from the settlement company. In connection with the settlement means, if some dispute occurs between the buyer and the settlement company, it shall be solved with the buyer and the settlement company.

Article 7 [Returns of products]

We shall cope with the return of goods from the purchaser to the site on the site.

Chapter 3 Handling of personal information

Article 8 [Handling of personal information]

We handle personal information according to the privacy policy separately defined by us.

Chapter 4 Usage Responsibility

Article 9 [Prohibited matters]

When using this service, we will prohibit the user or purchaser to perform the act of the following items.

  1. Other users, third parties or oursonemporary areas, disadvantages or losses, or their risks
  2. Anthropology that violates intellectual property rights, portrait rights, personality rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, privacy rights, publicity rights, etc.
  3. Acts against public order and morals Other acts that violate other laws and their acts
  4. Acts that users or buyers use the content obtained through this service outside of private use range
  5. An act of duplicating, selling, publishing, distributing, and publishing content obtained through the service through other users or third parties other than other users, and their acts
  6. Act that prevents the operation of the service provided by this service and other services
  7. Acts that rationally judge that it is inappropriate, such as damaging and defaming our credit
  8. In addition, the act of judging that it is inappropriate

Chapter 5 Disclaimer

Article 10 [Disclaimer]

  1. We do not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the user or the buyer violated this Terms and the like.
  2. The content of this service and the user or buyer do not guarantee any guarantee, such as its integrity, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc., for information and the like through this service.
  3. Even if there is a user or misleading content that is false or misleading to the content of the product and the content that has been misleading is present, the user or the buyer is directly or indirectly affected by a loss, loss, We do not take any responsibility for interest etc.
  4. For products sold through this service, their quality, material, functions, performance, and other products, other defects, and their caused damage, loss, disadvantages, etc. We do not owe.
  5. When the buyer is negative or refused if the purchaser is neglected or refused, if the product is not acceptable or the delivery destination is unknown, purchased if you can not receive the product due to other purchasers By contacting the contacts to be registered and bringing the product to the delivery destination designated when purchasing the product, we will fulfill the delivery debt of the product and be disclaimed from the obligations.

Chapter 6 Miscellaneous

Article 11 [Copyright, Intellectual Property Right]

Content provided through this service shall belong to a third party with us or legitimate rights. If there is a problem between the user or the purchaser and the third party in violation of the provisions of this Article, the user or the buyer solves the problem that this is responsible and expense, and all of them Do not give damage, loss or disadvantages.

Article 12 [Governing Law]

All the compliance laws for this term shall apply to the Japanese laws and regulations.

Article 13 [Consultation and Juriated Court]

If you have doubts about the interpretation of the Terms, we will be able to determine its interpretation within a reasonable range. For all disputes related to the Terms, we agree in advance to make the court that has jurisdiction over our location as a dedicated jurisdiction court of the first trial.